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Actor Gerard Depardieu Pees on Air France Plane as In-Cabin Urination Epidemic Spreads to Europe

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French movie star Gerard Depardieu reportedly relieved himself in the cabin of an Air France flight from Paris to Dublin on Tuesday.

Gerard Depardieu chases his daughter, played by teenage Katherine Heigl, in My Father the Hero.

Gerard Depardieu chases his daughter, played by teenage Katherine Heigl, in My Father the Hero.

Air France Flight 5010, operated by a dual-restroom-equipped CityJet Avro RJ-85, was taxiing for departure star of such films as Green Card and The Man in the Iron Mask announced “I want to piss, I want to piss.”

A flight attendant told the “visibly inebriated” Depardieu that he could use the lavatory in about 15 minutes once the plane had reached cruising altitude.

My Father the Hero responded by standing up and urinating on the floor. He then sat back down.

The plane was forced to return to the gate for a good scrubbing, but there is no word on whether Depardieu was booted off the flight or arrested, as he almost certainly would have been in the U.S.

Last week an 18-year-old man, Robert “Sandy” Vietz, was booted off the U.S. Olympic Ski Team after he was arrested for urinating near an 11-year-old girl on a JetBlue flight.

This is not the first time Depardieu’s drinking has caused him public embarrassment. He was convicted of drunk driving in 1990 and in 2009 admittedly smashed a car parked in front of his house during a drunken rage.

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