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A US Air Force Boeing VC-25 (SAM 29000) flies over Mount Rushmore. (Photo by US Air Force)

Pentagon Frustrated With Boeing After Moving Air Force One Work to Texas

The Pentagon has fired off a sternly-worded letter to Boeing regarding the airframer's move of Air Force One repairs from Kansas to Texas.
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How the Media Blew That Michelle Obama ‘Close Call’ Story: A Pilot’s Take

Blaring headlines of the First Lady's supposed brush with death were hysterically overhyped, says this airline pilot.
by Justin Schlechter


PHOTOS: Afterburners, Bombers and Tankers Take the Stage at Red Flag-Nellis

NYCAviation was on-hand as Nellis Air Force base hosted one of its Red Flag training exercises on Tuesday.
by Brandon Farris



Government Killed 2,900 New York Geese in Wake of US Airways ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ Accident

The USDA exterminated over 2,900 Canada geese from parks in and around New York City following the ditching of US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River, according to an official report.
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American Eagle ATR-72 (N414WF) on the ground in Camaguey, Cuba, for a charter flight

Final Call: Wall Street Doesn’t Like American’s Business Plan

Wall Street doesn't want American to add capacity, the Air Force wants a $55 billion bomber, China doesn't want Lufthansa A380s in Shanghai, and more...
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