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Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER wearing a special FC Barcelona livery. (Photo by Kaz T)

Turkish Airlines to Launch Houston Flights in 2013

Turkish Airlines has announced it will begin service linking Istanbul with Houston on April 1, 2013 using Boeing 777-300ER jets.
by admin


On This Day in Aviation History: January 30th

United’s 747SP “Friendship One” sets an around-the-world record, the crashes of Kenya Airlines 431, Pan Am 806, and disappearances of a Varig 707F and a British Tudor, and more...
by Phil Derner Jr.


DOJ’s “Collusion”: You Scratch My Airplane’s Back, I’ll Scratch Yours

The Department of Justice's charges of collusion at multiple airlines should come as no surprise to the ironic actions of none other than... The Department of Justice.
by Erika Armstrong



2006: A Year in Review

Ah what a year it has been, its been year of ups, downs, roundabouts, flip flops, and OIL! We began the year with the final departure of Independence Air, the little airline that couldn't, or should we say couldn't make a profit.
by Tom Alfano


Today in Aviation History: February 24th

A United Airlines 747's explosive decompression over the Pacific kills 9 people, SAS launches Europe's first North Polar route to Asia, a 9 year old boy flies a Cessna, and more...
by NYCAviation Staff