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A US Army sergeant launches a AeroVironment RQ-11Raven unmanned aerial vehicle, similar to the drones being sold to the Afghani government. (Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Michael Guillory/US Army)

Afghanistan Set to Enter the Drone Age, Or Is It?

Kabul hopes for spy drones to increase its sovereignty, but the reality may not match the hype.
by Jean MacKenzie, GlobalPost

Photo of the Day: A Volga-Dnepr Antonov An-124 RA-82078 staring at us from Leipzig. Photo by Sebastian G.

Final Call: Musical Merger Talks as Delta Considers Buying US Airways, New UAV Resembles Giant Sperm

Delta now talking about buying US Airways, a supersonic RAF fighter shook the bloody bejeesus out of northern England, SFO opens a yoga studio, and more...
by admin


Iran Shot Down American Drone Plane, Claims Iran

The Iranian military on Sunday claimed it had shot down a U.S. reconnaissance drone in the country's east near the border with Afghanistan, although U.S. and NATO officials believe it may have crashed by itself.
by BNO News



BAE Systems and Dassault Form Joint Venture to Build Drones

BAE Systems, along with Dassault Aviation, on Wednesday announced a joint program to develop a next generation unmanned aircraft system called Telemos.
by BNO News


Iran Builds ‘Flying Saucer’ UAV Which Is Not Round, Looks Nothing Like a Saucer

Iran on Wednesday unveiled a home-made unmanned 'flying saucer' called the Zohal during an exhibition of strategic technologies.
by BNO News