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Why Student Pilots Quit

There are 120,000 student pilots right now debating what to do next.
by Erika Armstrong


AeroStar Leads The Way With a Training Pipeline for Future Aviators

Simply being the CEO of an aviation consulting firm wasn't enough for Tammera Holmes. She had to help young people learn to embrace aviation as well.
by Gabe Andino


Commentary: Why Did a B747 DreamLifter Land at Jabara?

Many people wonder how this could happen, given the advanced avionics coupled with the impressive training all 747 pilots receive. This is a difficult question to answer, but consider these facts: it wasn't the first time this ...
by Justin Schlechter



FAA Proposes Overhaul of Flight Crew Training

A new training regimen proposed by the FAA would require flight crews to demonstrate, not just learn, critical skills in "real-world" training scenarios.
by BNO News


The Flat Panel Trainer

Most people that know the difference between a 747 and the A320 are also aware of the technology that is being developed for the large A380 & the composite fuselage of the 787. The technology development has not stopped wit...
by admin