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Showboating Pilots: The Line Between Fun and Safety

Some fortunate pilots get the opportunity to live out their inner Maverick in a transport jet. Sometimes, it's done with prior practice and planning; sometimes, not so much.
by Justin Schlechter

Top Gun movie poster.

Top Gun Director Tony Scott Commits Suicide

The director of Top Gun and several other blockbuster movies jumped off a Los Angeles bridge on Sunday.
by admin


On This Day in Aviation History: September 22nd

The F-14 Tomcat is retired from the US Navy, a man crosses the Atlantic in a hot-air balloon, an E-3 Sentry crashes outside Elmendorf AFB and more...
by Phil Derner Jr.


Val Kilmer as Iceman on Saturday Night Live

Iceman: The Later Years

Left without a bird to fly after the Navy retired the F-14 in 2006, Iceman sought greener pastures in the airline business.
by admin