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United Flight 175 impacts the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

9/11 Negligence Lawsuit Against American and United Moves Forward

A judge ruled that a lawsuit against American Airlines and United Airlines over the destruction of the World Trade Center may proceed.
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Spain did not identify the suspects by name, but said two were from Chechnya and one from Turkey. (Photo by Spanish Interior Ministry)

Spain Arrests Al Qaeda Suspects Who Planned Bomb Attacks Using Small Planes

Spanish authorities have arrested three Al Qaeda operatives who had obtained explosives and had been training to fly ultralight airplanes.
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Air-to-air photo of the Boeing 367-80 Dash 80, showing the aircraft passing over Washington's Olympic Peninsula. (Photo by Joe Parke, via Boeing)

Boeing 707 Prototype Makes First Test Flight, First USSR-US Service Takes Off: July 15 in Aviation History

1916: A timber merchant named William E. Boeing and a US Navy engineer named George Conrad Westervelt form a new aircraft company called the Pacific Aero Products Company. A year later it would be renamed Boeing Airplane Compan...
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Rezwan Ferdaus mugshot.

Man Who Plotted RC Airplane Bomb Attacks Pleads Guilty

Rezwan Ferdaus will plead guilty to a plot to fly explosives-filled remote-controlled planes into the Pentagon and US Capitol.
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TSA agent pats down an airport passenger.

TSA Reveals Passenger Complaints … Four Years Later

From intrusive pat-downs to body scans to perceived profiling, the Transportation Security Administration always seems to be the target of complaints. Here’s another one: It took the TSA almost four years to tell me what ...
by Michael Grabell, ProPublica