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Was WestJet’s “Scary” Approach Really As Bad As It Seemed?

Over the past week, images and video of a Westjet 737 making a "scary" approach have been making the rounds. We examine what went right in that situation.
by David J. Williams


St. Maarten’s Tropical Plane Spotting Paradise

Airline pilot and columnist Justin Schlechter goes back to his aviation enthusiast roots to share the experience of his first trip to St. Maarten.
by Justin Schlechter


Leaving St. Maarten – Enjoy Your Last Hours In Paradise

If you ever find yourself at the Princess Juliana International Airport on the island of St. Maarten, it probably means you are about to be leaving paradise. It’s time to stop thinking about which pristine beach you are going...
by Jason Rabinowitz


Delta Economy Comfort seating. (Photo by Delta)

Delta’s Big Week: More Premium Economy and New Flights Out of New York

In addition to their huge deal to acquire AirTran’s 717 fleet, Delta announced two changes this week that should go a long way to improving its customer experience. Premium Economy on More Planes Wednesday brought the ne...
by admin

Danger sign at St. Maarten's Princess Juliana International Airport.

Video: When Surfing the Fence in Saint Maarten Goes Terribly Wrong

The jet blast warning signs at Maho Beach are generally ignored, but a new video of a woman face planting behind a JetBlue takeoff might prove the signs are there for good reason.
by admin