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Space Travel’s Biggest Benefit – World Peace? Why We Must Venture Further

Why do we travel to space? What if there was a reason greater than technological advancements and finding a home on other planets? Dare we say...
by Phil Derner Jr.


NASA Selects 150 Twitter Followers to Attend Space Shuttle Endeavour Launch

NASA has invited 150 of its followers on the social networking website Twitter to a behind-the-scenes perspective from the press site at the agency's Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the final launch of space shuttle Endeavo...
by BNO News


Drought Reveals Large Piece of Space Shuttle Columbia Debris at Bottom of Texas Lake

Previously undiscovered debris from NASA's Space Shuttle Columbia was found in Lake Nacogdoches in eastern Texas last week as a severe drought has dried out previously covered areas of the lake.
by BNO News


NASA Super Guppy

Photos: NASA Super Guppy Delivers Space Shuttle Trainer to Seattle

The Space Shuttle Full Fuselage Trainer made its way to Seattle's Museum of Flight aboard NASA’s bizarrely beautiful Super Guppy aircraft.
by admin

Space Shuttle launches grand finale

Video: All 135 Space Shuttle Launches At Once

Not long after the final space shuttle lifted off in 2011, McClean Fahnestock merged footage from all 135 launches onto one screen.
by NYCAviation Staff