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Dying Man Shares Previously Unseen Amateur Video of Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

A Florida man has shared some never-before-seen footage of Challenger's catastrophic 1986 launch.
by NYCAviation Staff

Space Shuttle Discovery while being prepped for display at the Smithsonian. (Photo by Suresh Attapatu)

Photos: Inside the Mummification of Space Shuttle Discovery

An exclusive look at the preparation of Space Shuttle Discovery as it becomes a shell of its former self before moving to the Smithsonian.
by Suresh Atapattu

Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-134 liftoff

Photo Gallery: Space Shuttle Endeavour Leaves Earth One Last Time

Space Shuttle Endeavour made its 25th and final launch on Monday, blasting into orbit carrying six astronauts and two major additions to the International Space Station.
by Suresh Atapattu



Photos: Commander Kelly and Space Shuttle Endeavour Prepare for Final Launch

Up-close and personal with Space Shuttle Endeavour and the astronauts who will fly her into space on mission STS-134.
by Suresh Atapattu


Live Video: Space Shuttle Discovery Lands for the Last Time

Watch the last scheduled de-orbiting and landing of Space Shuttle Discovery and chat about it in real time.
by admin