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Misused Aviation Terms, Part 1: Airlines and Accidents

Many terms are thrown around, whether it be by avgeeks, the news media or general public, that have official definitions aside from what is socially thought.
by Phil Derner Jr.


Checking out Southwest’s Culture-Centric HQ

One loyal flier goes beyond the plane to experience the culture inside Southwest Airlines' headquarters.
by JL Johnson

@shimmerskies A clearer picture here @NYCAviation @SouthwestAir

UPDATED: Southwest 737 Nose Gear Collapse at LGA

UPDATE: Friday 7-26-13 New video has surfaced on YouTube today from the inside of Southwest 345 as the Boeing 737 landed at LaGuardia. The video clearly shows that the aircraft did not flare at all, and impact with the runway w...
by NYCAviation Staff


Southwest's first Boeing 737-800 N8301J Warrior One, taxis to its welcoming party.

Reports: Southwest 737 Escorted To Phoenix By F-16s

NYCAviation is receiving word on Monday evening that Southwest flight 2675, from Los Angeles to Austin-Bergstrom, has been escorted by 2 F-16 fighters into Phoenix. It is unclear what has happened at this point, but we will bri...
by Jason Rabinowitz

Who needs a couch when you can have a row of seats!

Going Once, Going Twice- Southwest Swag on Auction

If you are anything like us, there is probably at least one piece of airline or airport memorabilia somewhere in your house. Coming across these items isn’t always easy, however. Any #AvGeek would love to have a row of ec...
by Jason Rabinowitz