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Today in Aviation History: February 25th

First flight of the Douglas DC-9, a Turkish Airlines 737 crashes in Amsterdam, all flights in North America become smoke-free, TWA begins domestic 747 service, Chuck Yeager flies his last USAF sortie, and more...
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On This Day in Aviation History: May 5th

Cinco de Mayo is a busy day in aviation: Alan Shepard becomes the first American in space, Eastern Flight 855 narrowly averts near Miami, two unrelated hijackings on the same day in 1972, the merger of Air France with KLM and m...
by Phil Derner Jr.

A painting by Jean Baptiste Mauzaisse depicts French and Austrian forces at the Battle of Fleurus with the balloon l'Entreprenant in the background.

April 2nd in Aviation History: France Establishes World’s First Air Force, Boeing 777 Sets Speed Record

An 18th century French balloon becomes the first military aviation vehicle, SAAB is founded in Sweden, a 777 sets a round-the-world speed record, Rakesh Sharma becomes the first Indian to visit space, and more...
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Royal Air Force Crew Safely Ejects From Burning Jet Off Coast of Scotland

Two crew members from the UK RAF ejected their Tornado GR4 before it burst into flames and crashed in the sea off the west coast of Scotland during a routine training mission.
by BNO News


NATO Launches First Attack Helicopter Missions in Libya

NATO forces on early Saturday morning began using attack helicopters for the first time during military operations over Libya, the multinational force said.
by BNO News