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Overbooking, Bumping, Removal, Regional Airlines, and Your Rights

After United appeared in the news for the "dragging" removal of a passenger, many are asking what bumping, overbooking and passenger rights are.
by Phil Derner Jr.


American Eagle Airlines to Become Envoy

American Eagle Airlines has announced that it will be renamed Envoy starting this spring. But why did they make the change and what does it mean for the passenger?
by Ben Granucci

Philadelphia Police patch

Flight Attendant Caught With Loaded Gun at Philadelphia Airport, Cop Accidentally Fires It

A Republic Airways flight attendant and a Philadelphia cop are both in trouble after an incident with a loaded gun at Philadelphia Airport.
by admin



Republic Airways May Dump Midwest and Frontier Airlines Brand Names

Republic Airways' spokesman Carlo Bertolini has announced their interest in "unifying" their brand through the elimination of Midwest and Frontier names.
by Mark Lawrence


Republic Orders 40 Bombardier CS300 Jets

Republic Airways has signed a deal to become the North American launch customer for Bombardier's new 100-150-seat line of aircraft.
by Mark Lawrence