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PATCO air traffic controllers picket outside of Bishop Airport in Flint, Michigan.

August 3rd in Aviation History: America’s Air Traffic Controllers Strike

Today we look back at the 1981 Air Traffic Controllers Strike and mourn the worst accident ever involving a Boeing 707.
by NYCAviation Staff

A Swissair Boeing 747-300 at Zurich. (Photo by Eduard Marmet via Wikipedia)

Swissair Liquidates, Hijacker Crashes Xiamen Airlines Plane: October 2 in Aviation History

Swissair grounds its fleet, a Xiamen Airlines flight is hijacked in China, President Reagan re-starts the B-1B bomber program, and more...
by NYCAviation Staff


TSA Fires ‘Get Your Freak On’ Screener, America’s Secret UAV Base in Ethiopia: Final Call

Jack the Cat has been found! But he's sick! Also, TSA has fired the screener who left an inappropriate note in a woman's suitcase, another Air France strike, and more...
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On This Day in Aviation History: August 11th

First flight of the Cessna 620, Russia sends its third man to space, a bomb explodes aboard Pan Am Flight 830, Ronald Reagan jokes about bombing Russia, Shuttle Atlantis completes STS-43 and more...
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