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JetBlue Even More Space seating. (Photo by Edward Russell)

JetBlue Even More Space Reviewed: The Premium Economy Challenge, Round 2

JetBlue's "Even More" offers space and speed to passengers who are willing to spend a little more. Is the convenience and leg room worth it?
by Edward Russell

Virgin America aircraft.

Virgin America Main Cabin Select Reviewed: The Premium Economy Challenge, Round 1

In the first round of an NYCAviation series comparing domestic premium economy cabins, does Virgin America live up to their own mantra: A breath of fresh airline?
by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren


The Premium Economy Question: Is it Worth It?

Several US airlines now offer customers a Premium Economy option with more legroom and amenities. Do passengers think it's a good value? And is it effective for the airlines' bottom line? Columnist Edward Russell investigates.
by Edward Russell