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American’s New Airplane; Their First 777-300

American Airlines Unveiled their newest aircraft type, the Boeing 777-300, dressed in their fancy new paint scheme.
by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren

Alaska Airlines reveals its fish-patterned Boeing 737-800 (N559AS) dubbed "Salmon-Thirty-Salmon II." (Photo by Alaska Airlines)

Photos and Video: Alaska Airlines Reveals ‘Salmon-Thirty-Salmon II’

Alaska Airlines has revealed the only King Salmon with an FAA tail number.
by admin


JetBlue Unveils New Building Blocks Tail Design

JetBlue has unveiled their newest tail design, the creation of an employee who won a design contest.
by admin



United Airlines and Continental Airlines Unveil Visual Brand For Proposed Merger

United Airlines and Continental Airlines have unveiled refinements to the visual brand identity for the new global airline that will result of a proposed merger between the two carriers.
by BNO News

(Photo by David Lilienthal)

SPY PHOTOS: SunExpress New Livery Revealed

World's first photos of a new livery for SunExpress 737s.
by Phil Derner Jr.