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United Airlines led the world in ancillary fee revenue last year. (Photo by Brian Gershey)

Airline Fee Revenue Up 66 Percent Since 2009

Despite constant complaints by air travelers, revenue from airline fees and other charges has increased 66 percent in the past two years.
by Nate Strong

A shiny Spirit Airlines Airbus A320. (Photo by Matt Molnar)

Why Spirit’s New $100 Carry On Fee Isn’t As Crazy As It Sounds

Spirit's last minute carry on fee has spiked to $100 each way, but, believe it or not, for a good reason.
by admin


US Airline Passengers Paid $9.2 Billion in Baggage, Other Fees in 2010

Consumers paid more than $9.2 billion in fees to U.S. airlines in 2010 for checked baggage and other services, according to a new study.
by BNO News



Green-Strapped Blue Is Bleeding Red

This week, jetBlue announced that they will soon begin charging passengers for headsets, blankets, pillows and eyeshades in the coming months.
by Phil Derner Jr.


The “B” in Business Travel Stands For…

For the good part of the last three years I’ve done some pretty decent business travel and I wanted to take a minute and share some stories and dispel some myths about frequent travel for business.
by Tom Alfano