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Near Misses and Close Calls in the Air

With more planes flying than ever before, the number of incidents has risen. Should nervous passengers be worried?
by Patrick Smith

Entrance to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. (Photo by Cjh1452000 via wikimedia, CC-BY-SA)

Airliners Narrowly Avoid Collision Over Amsterdam

Dutch aviation authorities have launched an investigation after an Airbus A330 and a Boeing 737 came within seconds of colliding.
by BNO News

NATO E-3 Sentry AWACS aircraft close call with a KC-135 Stratotanker.

Video: AWACS Jet Nearly Crashes Into Tanker During Refueling Mission

A couple of AWACS pilots and a KC-135 tanker boom operator each probably needed a new pair of pants after this incident.
by admin


Reagan National Airport control tower. (Photo by dbking via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY)

Air Traffic Control Error Nearly Causes Three-Plane Collision Over DC

Three US Airways jets nearly collided when an air traffic controller messed up at Reagan National.
by NYCAviation Staff


FAA Suspends Controller After Southwest Jet Close Call Over Florida

Federal investigators have suspended an air traffic controller in Florida after giving instructions to a Southwest Airlines passenger plane to check on an unresponsive small airplane, causing them to fly too close to each other.
by BNO News