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Elon Musk Announces Plans for Long- and Short-Haul Spaceflight

In light of his recently announced plans for the future of space flight, could Elon Musk's plans for a BFR be a BFD?
by Stephanie Gehman

Neil Armstrong aboard the Apollo 11 spacecraft following the first ever moonwalk. (Photo by Buzz Aldrin/NASA)

Neil Armstrong Funeral Scheduled for Friday

American astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, will be laid to rest during a private service in Ohio on Friday.
by BNO News

Apollo 11 flies towards earth orbit with the American flag in the foreground. (Photo by NASA)

Apollo 11 Moon Launch, JFK Jr. Plane Crash: July 16th in Aviation History

Apollo 11 launches for the Moon, John F. Kennedy Jr. dies in a plane crash, first ever aircraft hijacking, TWA is formed, and more...
by NYCAviation Staff


Photo of the Day: ANA's 777 arrival to Washington Dulles is greeted by hundreds of birds. (Photo by Nick Peterman)

Final Call: Did Direct Air Management Steal $29 Million From Customers?

Direct Air management may have stolen $29 million from the company in its last days, Bezos says he knows where to pick up Apollo 11's F-1 engines, a TSA supervisor is arrested for running a prostitution ring, and more...
by admin


On This Day in Aviation History: December 13th

First flight from England to India takes off, last humans walk on the moon, and more...
by Phil Derner Jr.