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The Name Alone of FAA’s New “Pilot Fitness Aviation Rulemaking Committee” Proves Wrong Philosophy

The murder-suicide by the pilot of Germanwings 9525 has raised questions on how to address the mental and emotional health of pilots.
by Erika Armstrong


Fact vs. Fiction: Malaysia Airlines 370 and Occam’s Razor

For 14 days now, the world has followed the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines 370. While the potential debris field recently discovered in the South Indian Ocean offers hope, the world has had two weeks filled with ...
by Eric Auxier


BREAKING: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Was Intentionally Flown Off-Course

In a press conference, Malaysian PM Najib Razak confirmed that recent discoveries left no doubt that Malaysian Airlines flight 370 was hijacked.
by Eric McKirdy



The Continuing Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

People keep asking “how can a plane simply disappear?” It’s an idea that doesn’t seem to compute in an age of instant and total connectivity.
by Patrick Smith