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Ford Ecoboost 1.0L 3-cylinder engine block in a carry-on. (Photo by Ford)

Ford Demonstrates How To Pack An Engine Block In Your Carry On

From snow globes to cranberry sauce, the TSA has rules prohibiting all sorts of items, but it seems they left engine blocks off the list.
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A collection of luggage tags. (Photo by Steve D. via Flickr, CC-BY-NC-SA)

The Fascinating History of the Humble Baggage Tag

The fascinating history of the automated baggage tag and how it helps our luggage arrive on the same flight as us 99.97 percent of the time.
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Hundreds of Endangered Turtles Found in Luggage at Bangok Airport

Thai airport customs officials discovered and seized 451 turtles packed into several suitcases after arriving from Bangladesh, officials said Thursday.
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Richard Martin's broken bike.

American Airlines Breaks Bikes

What recourse do you have when an airline destroys your $1,800 bicycle and screws up your long-planned vacation? According to American Airlines, nothing.
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