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Initial planning of the Lufthansa Heist occurred during a meeting at the Airline Diner near LaGuardia Airport on Astoria Blvd. Today known as the Jackson Hole Diner, the landmark neon Airline Diner sign still stands.

On This Day in Aviation History: December 11th

The Luccheses rob $6 million from JFK Airport in the 1978 Lufthansa Heist. Also, Thai Airways Flight 261 crashes in 1998, as well as Philippine Airlines Flight 434 in 1994. The prototype for the Concorde makes its debut and Kat...
by Phil Derner Jr.


Lufthansa A380 to Take Flight in May

Lufthansa's CEO has confirmed that their A380 Super Jumbo should up in the air by the end of May, though its first destination has yet to be announced.
by Mark Hsiung


On This Day in Aviation History: October 13th

Uruguayan Flight 571 crashes into the Andes, where 16 people survive 72 days before being rescued, inspiring the movie "Alive". Also, Lufthansa Flight 181 is hijacked, a Bolivian 707 crashes in Santa Cruz, and an Il-62 crashes ...
by Phil Derner Jr.



Weekend Wrap: Air France 447 Computers Probed, Billy Mays Death Possibly Aircraft Related, Lufthansa Committed to 747-8

Air France 447 investigators focus on computer failures in crash. Did Billy Mays die as a result of a hard landing at Tampa? Airlines having difficult securing financing for new planes.
by admin


The Logbook: Space for Rent…Literally

NASA looks to sell-off a wide-range of items, only charging buyers the shipping costs! The crash of an Italian Air Force C-130J kills 5, Baltia Air Lines obtains their first aircraft and US Airways delays 54 Airbus orders. Luft...
by Phil Derner Jr.