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Pan Am's first office in Key West is marked by a sign

March 14th in Aviation History: Pan Am is Founded in Key West

Pan American Airways is founded, the first American flies a Russian spacecraft, a number of US boxers are killed in a LOT Poland crash, and more...
by NYCAviation Staff


Final Call: Burt Rutan on Building the World’s Largest Plane, Singapore Offers Private Jets for A380 Connections

Burt Rutan explains why he's building the world's largest airplane from scratch rather than just bolting two 747s together, Turkish wants to buy LOT, US Airways wants to merge with American, inside Narita's immigration gulag, a...
by admin


The Logbook

Our daily digest of what's been going on around the industry. A boy and his grandfather end up in a destination slightly different than they expected, Airbus' A330F makes its maiden flight, LOT Poland unveils a wild 80th Annive...
by Phil Derner Jr.