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Flying in Style: Onboard American Airlines Inaugural A321 Transcontinental Service

Earlier this week, NYCAviation had the opportunity to ride onboard American Airlines bran new Airbus A321 Transcontinental service. So how did we like the ride inside the new jet? Consider us impressed!
by Manny Gonzalez


Alaska Airlines Announces New Flights into Delta’s Hub

Alaska Airlines Group has announced an expansion of their service from Delta Air Lines' western hub to four west coast destinations.
by Douglas Wint

Emirates A380 at sunset. Credit: Emirates

Emirates Announces Los Angeles A380 Service

On Wednesday morning, Emirates Airline announced that they will be upgrading their service to LAX from the Boeing 777-300ER to the Airbus A380 starting December 2nd, 2013, adding to the already incredible amount of A380s that L...
by Jason Rabinowitz


A LAN Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner. (Photo by Dan King/NYCAviation)

LAX Becomes First US Airport To See Multi-Airline 787 Service

As LAN and United launched flights last week, LAX became the first US airport to be served by Boeing 787s from two different airlines.
by admin

Brandon Pelletier urinates at LAX.

Video (NSFW): Drunken Twilight Star Pees In The Middle Of LAX Terminal

Here's an actor named Bronson Pelletier whipping it out and peeing on the rug in front of hundred of LAX passengers late last month.
by admin