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NTSB Issues Preliminary Report on Teterboro Crash

The NTSB has released their preliminary report on the May 15th Learjet crash in Teterboro, NJ.
by Stephanie Gehman


Focus on the Fixed Base Operator: National Jets

NYCAviation recently paid a visit to Fort Lauderdale-based fixed base operator National Jets. While we were there, we got a special look into the services they provide and how they differentiate themselves from other FBOs.
by Mark Lawrence


Flying to the Movies with Air Hollywood

Inside of a warehouse north of Los Angeles, CA, lies a vast collection of aviation pieces large and small. Here, at a film studio known as Air Hollywood, they bring the aviation scenes in the movies to life. NYCAviation recentl...
by Ben Granucci



A Night at the Museum With a Bombardier Learjet 85

50 years in the making, Bombardier previews the Learjet 85 at an event as luxurious as the guest of honor itself.
by Stephen Weisbrot

Patent drawing of the Aerial Steam Carriage soaring over the Thames River, circa 1843.

March 28th in Aviation History: Aerial Steam Carriage Earns First Patent for a Propeller-Driven Aircraft

William Samuel Henson's Aerial Steam Carriage is granted a patent in 1843, Air France flies its last Caravelle service, Air Afrique is founded, first plane taken down by sabotage, and more...
by NYCAviation Staff