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NATs: Flying the North Atlantic Organized Track System

Each day, over 2000 aircraft fly across the Atlantic. Find out how pilots navigate and communicate on the North Atlantic Tracks!
by Ken Hoke


Revisiting TWA 800 Twenty Years Later

Twenty years have passed since TWA 800 went down off the coast of Long Island. William Rizzo visited the memorial to the victims on the anniversary of the disaster.
by William Rizzo


The USO Welcomes Traveling Servicemembers Through New York

For many years, the options for a servicemember to relax in a lounge before or after a flight through the New York City airports were extremely limited. However, on September 17, 2014, that all changed for those soldiers trave...
by Ben Granucci


Photo by John Musolino

Boeing Dreamlifter Lands at Wrong Airport; Can It Leave?

Overnight, a boeing 747-400LCK (AKA, the Dreamlifter), landed at tiny Jabara Airport instead of its intended destination at McConnell Air Force Base. In the aftermath many questions have been raised, including whether or not th...
by Phil Derner Jr.


It’s Back! New York’s Greatest Plane Spotting Week of the Year Returns for 2016

The New York City plane spotting extravaganza known as UN Week is back for another promising year starting this weekend.
by Ben Granucci