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Tail section of a Dassault Rafale jet. (Photo by Georges Seguin via wikimedia, CC-BY-SA)

India Says French Rafale Jets Contract Being Fine-Tuned

India is fine-tuning a contract to buy 126 French-made Rafale fighter jets, Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid said on Thursday.
by AFP

Indian Air Force Mil Mi-17-IV helicopter seen at Mumbai in 2008. (Photo by Sean D'Silva, via Wikimedia Commons)

Mid-Air Collision of Two Indian Air Force Helicopters Kills 9

Two Indian Air Force Mil Mi-17 helicopters collided in mid-air, killing all nine people on board both aircraft, defense officials said on Friday.
by BNO News

Rockets are not meant to turn that way

On This Day in Aviation History: February 14th

The crashes of Belvia Flight 1834 and Indian Airlines Flight 605, China’s Long March 3 rocket kills villagers in a launch accident, India receives its first Soviet-built fighters, the first GPS satellite launched and more.
by NYCAviation Staff