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No More Helicopter Tours? New York and New Jersey Officials Seek a Ban

Sightseeing helicopter tours are an increasingly popular attraction for NYC tourists. However they have also become increasingly unpopular among local residents and politicians, who are calling for them to be banned.
by Nate Anderson

Credit: user SleepingCold

Video: Helicopter Pilot In Portugal Fills Fire Fighting Bucket At Pool

As we recently saw in Canada, fighting fires from the air is no easy task. One payload, one shot to get the water drop right. But what does an areal firefighter do when they need to reload, and there is no natural water source ...
by Jason Rabinowitz


Rotorfest 2011: Rotorheads’ Delight

There simply aren't enough helicopter airshows around the country, but the annual Rotorfest rarely disappoints, as Manny Gonzalez shows us his gallery of mechanized joy.
by Manny Gonzalez



VIDEO: Helicopter Crashes in Competition During Loop de Loop Attempt

Video was captured of an MD 500 helicopter crashing at a competition while attempting to perform a loop de loop in Minsk, Belarus.
by Phil Derner Jr.