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An Iran Air Boeing 747SP. (Photo by Tom Alfano)

Iranian Airlines Face Rough Skies

Sky-rocketing fuel prices, a drop in passengers and foreign currency shortages have forced Iran's aviation sector into turbulent times.
by AFP

Delta Air Lines will become its own oilman after purchasing a refinery in Pennsylvania.

Delta Air Lines Buys a Refinery, Becoming its Own Oilman

Delta Air Lines on Monday announced it had reached an agreement to buy a disused oil refinery near Philadelphia, a move which many industry pundits promise to puzzle over for years to come. Monroe Energy, a wholly-owned subsidi...
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Airlines to See 78 Percent Profit Drop This Year: IATA

The International Air Transport Association on Monday further downgraded its 2011 airline industry profit forecast to $4 billion, which would represent a 78 percent drop compared to last year.
by BNO News



Sun Country Seeks $50 Million State Bailout

For the first time through the current spell of airline instability, an airline is seeking the government's financial help to survive.
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