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Man Versus Machine in the Aviation World

As the amount of technology in aircraft has increased, so has the number of computers involved and the reliance on them for the aircraft's operation.
by Stephen Carbone

The Superjet's cockpit voice recorder closely resembles this example.

Investigators Retrieve Crashed Superjet’s Cockpit Voice Recorder

Russia's Emergency Situations Ministry confirmed on Wednesday that investigators had recovered the cockpit voice recorder of the Superjet 100 that crashed in Indonesia last week, killing all 45 people onboard.
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Initial Air France Flight 447 Black Box Info Raises More Questions Than Answers: Pilot

Pilot/columnist Justin Schlechter examines what might have happened in the cockpit over the Atlantic on June 1st, 2009.
by Justin Schlechter


Air France Flight 447 Airbus A330-200 Cockpit Voice Recorder CVR

Investigators Successfully Recover All Data from Air France Flight 447 Recorders

In the biggest breakthrough yet toward discovering the cause of the crash, French investigators have successfully downloaded the entire record of data from the recently retrieved flight data and voice recorders of Air France Fl...
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