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UPS A300 Diverts to PIT with Fire Indication

UPS Flight 610 declared emergency after receiving an on-board fire indication on their Airbus A300F.
by Phil Derner Jr.


American Airlines Flight Diverts to Military Base Due to Fire Alarm

American Airlines flight 175, a Boeing 777-200, departed Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in Texas on Sunday morning, scheduled to land at Narita International Airport later on Monday until it was diverted to Eareckson A...
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Arson Possible Cause of Recent American Airlines 767 Fire

American Airlines requested the help of federal arson investigators to determine what ignited a blaze that occurred in a bathroom on board a June 10th flight between New York and Zurich, the Wall Street Journal reports.
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These are the remains of the lithium-ion battery that burst into flames inside a Boeing 787 last week. (Photo by NTSB)

NTSB Shows Off Crispy Boeing 787 Battery

NTSB investigators are making progress in their investigation of last week's Boeing 787 fire in Boston and shared some photos to prove it.
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Fire on Boeing 787 Dreamliner Forces Emergency Landing

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight test was evacuated on Tuesday after landing in Texas due to smoke detected in the cockpit, the FAA said.
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