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Pilot Attempting to Impress Woman Intercepted by F-16s After Straying Into Mexican Airspace

Nothing turns on a lady more than flying your Cessna into the crosshairs of a heavily-armed supersonic fighter jet.
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TSA Forgets to Tell Cops About Bomb Drill at Minneapolis Airport

Police responded to a man carrying a suspected bomb at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport last week, only to learn the TSA had forgotten to tell them they were running bomb detection test.
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Fail: When Shooting Video of a Space Shuttle Launch, You Might Want to Check Your Viewfinder

A videographer realizes a bit too late that he's aimed his tripod at the wrong launch pad. Or maybe he thought the water tank was going to take off.
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Chopper Pilot Nearly Becomes Eligible for Darwin Award

A Florida helicopter pilot somehow made it home with only a broken arm after attempting an extraordinarily stupid maneuver with his Robinson R22 and failing miserably.
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