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Seats on an American Airlines plane. (Photo by SpecialKRB via Flickr, CC BY-NC)

American Hangover: Seats Come Loose Twice After NY Times Blasts Airline

American Airlines has had better weekends, to say the least.
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Charlottetown Airport Terminal

Smoke In The Cockpit: A True Story of Danger and Hilarity

A routine flight is plunged into weirdness after the crew smells smoke. How to deal with a possible emergency — not to mention a plane full of obsessed Japanese tourists.
by Patrick Smith

Tinkerbell actually twinkles as the Alaska Airlines Magic of Disneyland 737-400 taxis at LAX

Final Call: Airlines Blame Security Screening for Drop in Ticket Sales, Air France A340 Grounded Due to Missing Screws

Airlines are pushing the TSA to make passenger screenings less intrusive, an Air France jet was missing a lot of screws, Virgin America's website is still fudged up, and more...
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American Airlines 767 and 777 about to get hot and heavy at JFK. (Photo by Mark Hsiung)

American Flight Makes Two Emergency Landings Enroute to London

Reports of another nightmarish flight on American, but at least it's not completely their fault this time.
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Proud in the Turboprop Crowd

In the early morning hours of May 18, 2013, US Airways Flight 4560 made a wheels-up landing at Newark Liberty International Airport. Here is an account of how the crew flying N934HA prepared for and executed a safe emergency la...
by Brian Futterman