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Video: What Really Happened With Allegiant 426’s “Low Fuel” Situation?

NYCA's Phil Derner discusses Allegiant 426's "low fuel" situation while trying to land at Fargo, North Dakota, while the airport was closed.
by NYCAviation Staff


You’re the Pilot: In Flight Medical Emergency

You're flying what should be a routine domestic flight. Just as you reach cruising altitude, the lead flight attendant calls the flight deck: there is a sick passenger onboard. What do you do?
by Eric Auxier


COMMENTARY: When A Pilot Dies In Flight

Once in awhile, it happens; but all flight decks are staffed by two equally trained and highly capable pilots, removing any cause for concern by the public.
by Patrick Smith


David Windmiller Emergency Landing

Stunt Pilot Lands on Long Island Highway- Isn’t a Stunt

Stunt pilot David Windmiller was forced to land his home made stunt plane on a Long Island highway Thursday afternoon, after his engine unexpectedly seized up and shed its propeller blades, reported Newsday. Windmiller was repo...
by Jason Rabinowitz


UPS A300 Diverts to PIT with Fire Indication

UPS Flight 610 declared emergency after receiving an on-board fire indication on their Airbus A300F.
by Phil Derner Jr.