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ATC Reform: The President’s Push for the Privatization of Air Traffic Control

On Monday, President Trump threw his support behind a renewed plan to privatize air traffic control services in the United States.
by Stephanie Gehman


Remember That One Time Donald Trump Owned an Airline?

With Donald Trump being all over the news of late, we take a look back at the Trump Shuttle.
by Gabe Andino


Video: Inside Trump’s 757: Okay, It’s Not a Campaign Plane

After capturing the first video of Donald Trump's new Boeing 757 in action and speculating that it was the perfect size to move Donald and an entourage around the country for a presidential run, the New York Post one-upped us a...
by admin



Donald Trump’s New Jet Arrives in New York: Is it a Campaign Plane?

Several months after its purchase, Donald Trump's new Boeing 757 landed at New York's LaGuardia Airport for the first time on Wednesday. A huge upgrade in size over his recently-sold 727, could it be a signal that the Apprentic...
by admin


Donald Trump Ditches Private Jet in Favor of JetBlue to Florida

Passengers were shocked to see the real estate mogul aboard a jetBlue flight from New York to Palm Beach on Monday.
by admin