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On This Day in Aviation History: March 25th

The first female Concorde pilot flies for British Airways, Qantas drops the 707 and becomes all-747, Piedmont takes on the biggest 737 fleet, seven crashes on this day, and more...
by Phil Derner Jr.


Wednesday Wakeup: Does Obama Want to Own the Airlines?

Does Obama want to own the airlines? A new ground management system at JFK. Thunderstorms wreak havoc on New York-area airports. Boeing issues an ultimatum.
by admin


Flight Search Sites Go to War Against Google-ITA Software Deal

Four online travel powerhouses, including Expedia and Kayak, have launched an alliance to lobby regulators and the public against Google's purchase of ITA.
by admin



Google Allowed to Takeover ITA Software, But Not Without Conditions: DOJ

The United States Dept. of Justice on Friday announced that Google must fulfill some requirements in order to proceed with its proposed acquisition of ITA Software in order to protect competitiveness in airfare systems.
by BNO News


Justice Dept. Files Suit Against American Airlines, US Airways Merger

On Tuesday morning, The United States Department of Justice, along with six states and the District of Colombia, filed a civil antitrust suit challenging the latest airline merger, between US Airways and American Airlines. The ...
by Jason Rabinowitz