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Southwest Airlines Announces New Routes Out of Dallas

Monday morning, Southwest Airlines announced which routes it will serve from Dallas Love Field when the Wright Amendment expires in October.
by Ben Granucci


NYC Airports Get Ready for Super Bowl XXLVIII

NYC area airports will see a large number of flights coming in for Super Bowl XLVIII. Here's what to expect.
by Nate Anderson

Southwest Airlines Flight 1905 after skidding off runway in Denver. (Photo by @mrbuddylee via Twitter)

Southwest Airlines Plane Slides Off Snowy Denver Taxiway

A Southwest Airlines flight skidded off a runway and into some grass after landing in Denver Saturday night.
by admin


A United Airlines 757 (N507UA) seen here completing the Expressway Visual 31 approach. (Photograph by Matt Molnar)

Praying Passenger Spurs United Emergency Landing at Dulles

A United flight made an emergency landing in Washington on Thursday night when a passenger reportedly began praying in the aisle.
by admin

A Great Lakes Airlines Beech 1900D (N240GL) landing at LAX. (Photo by Brian Gershey)

Meet An Airline That Doesn’t Want Federal Subsidies: Wait, Really?

Great Lakes Airlines says it no longer needs Uncle Sam's money to fly to Dickinson, North Dakota thanks to the region's booming oil business.
by admin