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Into The Sunset: Delta’s Final DC-9 Flight

Delta completed the final scheduled flight of its workhorse DC-9, ending almost 50 years of scheduled airline service by the type. NYCAviation was there to record the festivities.
by Brian Stevenson


Alaska Airlines Announces New Flights into Delta’s Hub

Alaska Airlines Group has announced an expansion of their service from Delta Air Lines' western hub to four west coast destinations.
by Douglas Wint

FAA to Allow Use of Personal Electronic Devices Below 10,000 Feet

A working committee from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on Thursday officially recommended allowing the use of personal electronic devices onboard aircraft below 10,000 feet. Some airlines are already racing to allow ...
by Stephen Weisbrot



Delta Orders 10 Airbus A330s, 30 American Made A321s

On Wednesday morning, Delta announced an order for a total of 40 new Airbus aircraft, comprising of 10 A330-300s and 30 A321s. Delta currently operates 32 A330s, which previously belonged to Northwest, whereas the A321 will be ...
by Jason Rabinowitz


Former Home of PanAm Faces Wrecking Ball, Group Hopes To Preserve History

The former home of PanAm and worlds first commercial 747 flight is facing demolition, but Save the Worldport is trying to save it.
by Jason Rabinowitz