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The Delayed Traveler

Who is to blame for air traffic delays? Just about everyone in the industry, from the airlines to the FAA.
by Tom Alfano


Delta Grounds Three 767s, Stranding More Than 600 at JFK

Not goin' anywhere for a while? Delta Air Lines grounded three Boeing 767 planes at New York's John F Kennedy International Airport on Tuesday due to maintenance issues, stranding more than 600 passengers, local media reported ...
by BNO News

Construction personnel are seen completing work on the north side of the Bay Runway as two arriving aircraft taxi to the terminal

JFK Airport Runway Replacement Megaproject Approaching On-Time Arrival

The massive $376 million project to renovate the longest, busiest runway at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York is nearing completion. Here's how they're getting it done right on schedule.
by admin



Why NYCAviation Uses The Weather Channel’s Winter Storm Naming System

NYCA uses The Weather Channel's winter storm naming system, much to the chagrin of Twitter users. Phil Derner explains why that is.
by Phil Derner Jr.

FAA cut backs due to sequestration had resulted in the furloughing of ATC employees, causing massive delays throughout the country.

Sequestration And You- How To Avoid The Delays

So, your elected officials can't do their job properly, but you already knew that. With an all time low approval rating, our lovely congress has failed to stop automatic spending cuts, and those cuts are hitting the FAA hard.
by Jason Rabinowitz