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A Rare Look Inside JFK Airport’s Control Tower

High above Terminal Four at Kennedy Airport looms one of the world's tallest control towers and a bustling nerve center that very few people ever get to see. Aspiring air traffic controller Luke Wasiak takes an unforgettable tour.
by Luke Wasiak

Reagan National Airport control tower. (Photo by dbking via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY)

Air Traffic Control Error Nearly Causes Three-Plane Collision Over DC

Three US Airways jets nearly collided when an air traffic controller messed up at Reagan National.
by NYCAviation Staff

Newark Liberty International Airport control tower.

Newark Airport Control Tower Evacuated Due to Smoke [UPDATED]

Flights into Newark Liberty Airport were halted Tuesday afternoon after smoke was reported in the control tower's elevator shaft.
by admin



FAA Air Traffic Control Chief Quits Amidst Sleeping Controllers Firestorm

Hank Krakowski, the head of Air Traffic Organization for the FAA, resigned Thursday following weeks of criticism over reports of sleeping air traffic controllers.
by BNO News

American's 767-300 N372AA taxis with the LAX control tower and Raytheon building in the background.

American Airlines Pilot Argues with Control Tower, Makes Emergency Landing at JFK

A snippity exchange between the crew of an American Airlines 767 and the Kennedy Airport control tower on Wednesday concluded when the plane made an emergency landing.
by admin