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Buying for Flying: An Investment in the Sky

"...My return on this investment is priceless."
by Erika Armstrong


Cessna 172 Skyhawk: An Insight Into The Facts and History

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is one of the most successful general aviation airplanes worldwide, used extensively for flight training and recreational flying.
by Daniel Mammone


Video: Cessna Loses its Propeller Over Mexico

None too often does a propeller just up and leave the plane it's attached to while in the air, but the one on this Cessna 172 decided to bounce somewhere over Mexico.
by admin



Two Killed in Upstate New York Plane Crash

A small plane crash in upstate New York's Hudson Valley killed the two people on board, officials said Tuesday.
by BNO News


Flight Instructor and Student Presumed Dead After Plane Crash off Florida Coast

Two people have been presumed dead after a small single-engine aircraft crashed into the waters off the coast of Florida Wednesday night.
by BNO News