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Showboating Pilots: The Line Between Fun and Safety

Some fortunate pilots get the opportunity to live out their inner Maverick in a transport jet. Sometimes, it's done with prior practice and planning; sometimes, not so much.
by Justin Schlechter

The first Boeing 747-8 Freighter for Cargolux. (Photo by Boeing)

John Denver Dies In a Plane Crash, Boeing Delivers First 747-8 Freighter: October 12 in Aviation History

Singer John Denver dies in a plane crash, Boeing delivers the first 747-8, Air Force One has a near miss, and more...
by NYCAviation Staff


Plane of Note: Cargolux Boeing 747-8 Freighter Makes First Appearance at JFK

Beijing, Baku and Budapest have all been visited by Boeing's biggest bird, but before Wednesday, the Big Apple had not.
by admin



Boeing Quietly Delivers Their Largest Plane Ever as Cargolux Takes First 747-8F

Weeks after Cargolux left Boeing officials red-faced with a last-minute decision nixing delivery of the first 747-8 Freighter, the Luxembourg-based freight hauler flew the plane home on Wednesday with no fanfare whatsoever.
by admin

Cargolux Boeing 747-8F

747-8F Emerges From Paint Hangar Wearing New Cargolux Livery

The first Boeing 747-8F to be painted with a customer's livery has emerged from the paint hangar in Everett, Wash.
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