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Stratolaunch: The Next Evolution of Consumer Space Travel

Introducing the new largest aircraft in the world! The massive Stratolaunch aircraft rolled out of the hangar for the first time last week.
by Stephanie Gehman

2012 Ford Blue Angels Mustang

The Top 10 Best of Everything at EAA AirVenture 2011

With NYCAviation once again attending EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI, we decided to take a look back at the last time we were there in 2011.
by Matt Molnar


Final Call: Burt Rutan on Building the World’s Largest Plane, Singapore Offers Private Jets for A380 Connections

Burt Rutan explains why he's building the world's largest airplane from scratch rather than just bolting two 747s together, Turkish wants to buy LOT, US Airways wants to merge with American, inside Narita's immigration gulag, a...
by admin



On This Day in Aviation History: December 17th

Modern aviation is born as the Wright Brothers make the first powered flight. Other first flights on this date include the Douglas DC-3, the B-47 Stratojet and the Boeing 737-300, and more...
by admin


On This Day in Aviation History: December 14th

The X-29 makes its first flight, JAL adds personal TVs to their 747s, Burt Rutan's Voyager departs for first nonstop flight around the world, and more...
by Phil Derner Jr.