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Emirates Arrives at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport

Dubai-based Emirates Airline added their 11th destination in the US on Thursday with the opening of the Dubai-Fort Lauderdale route.
by Mark Lawrence


Unstable Approach: Asiana 214’s Last Five Miles

What is a stable approach and how "unstable" did Asiana Flight 214 become before impacting the ground?
by John Steffen and Phil Derner Jr.


AAmerican Beauty? American Airlines New 777-300 Reviewed

Looking down from terminal D lounge at DFW, the new American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER easily stuck out. The angular tail and grey-ish paint contrasted sharply with the sea of dueling eagle tails and semi-glinting bare metal un...
by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren


Crowds gathered around the 1,000th Boeing 777 ever built, which will soon be delivered to Emirates A6-EGO

Photos: Boeing Celebrates its 1,000th 777 Jet, Soon to be Delivered to Emirates

Throngs of Boeing employees and suppliers gathered in Everett, Wash. on Friday to celebrate the completion of the 1,000th Boeing 777 widebody airliner.
by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren

A Swiss Airbus A330 meets the Moon over New York

Boeing 777 On Pace to Set Annual Sales Record, Former Mexicana Pilots Get Roughed Up By Police: Final Call

Boeing's most profitable plane is selling like hotcakes, a Mexicana pilot protest turns violent in Mexico City, WestJet says it will try to get DCA and LGA slots, and more.
by admin