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Awesome Vintage Aviation Photos: New York International Airport

Posted August 26, 2014 by John F. Ciesla

Join us as we celebrate the airports, airlines, and aircraft of yesteryear, through the vintage aviation photos of Bill Armstrong. This week: JFK and its predecessor, New York International Airport.

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Austrian Airlines restarted international flights with this Airbus A310, OE-LAA New York, from Vienna to JFK in 1989. (Photo by Joe Pries)
On This Day in Aviation History

March 26th in Aviation History: Austrian Airlines Resumes International Flights After Two Decade Hiatus

Posted March 26, 2012 by NYCAviation Staff

Happy Birthday to the late Swissair! Austrian Airlines resumes international service, an Arrow Air DC-10 drops some engine parts, Comair pilots launch an 89-day strike, and more…

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Oh snap! The broken off tail makes for a nifty escape hatch.

Move Over Sully…

Posted October 16, 2009 by Phil Derner Jr.

Over half a century before the “Miracle on the Hudson,” Pan Am Flight 6 ditched into Pacific and everyone made it home safely.

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