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New York City to Host First Blimp Race in 25 Years on Monday

Three blimps flown by DirecTV, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield and Hangar One Vodka will race up New York's Hudson River on Sunday in the first competition of its kind in 25 years.
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Goodyear Blimp Bursts Into Flames and Crashes, Killing Pilot

A Goodyear blimp burst into flames Sunday evening in the western region of Germany, killing the pilot, while three passengers were able to survive the accident, local media reported.
by BNO News

On approach to Runway 18 at FLU

Remembering Flushing Airport

Flushing Airport is my Mecca. Currently, the 75-acre property lies dormant with its runways underwater and this former aviation facility’s future remains uncertain.
by Alan Gross