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KLM First to Cook Up Biofuel Flights Between Amsterdam and New Amsterdam’s JFK Airport

Ties between NYC and Amsterdam go back over 400 years, with history continuing as KLM begins biofuel flights on a Boeing 777 to JFK.
by Eric Dunetz

Looks like a Star Alliance party at JFK's Terminal 4

Skeptics Say Biofuel Flights are Pie in the Sky, NASA to Unlock VAB to Tourists: Final Call

Biofuel may never be cheap enough for widespread airline use, Colgan Air execs may have had questions about a Flight 3407 pilot, a man proposes to his girlfriend on a Delta flight, and more...
by admin


NASA Tests Chicken Fat-Based Jet Fuel Using DC-8 Airborne Laboratory

NASA has announced that a group of scientists from its Langley Research Center traveled cross-country this month for an experiment with eco-friendly jet fuel made out of chicken fat.
by BNO News



Qantas to Build Commercial Jet Biofuel Plant

Australia's Qantas Airways, along with U.S. bioenergy firm Solena Group, will construct a $300 million plant focused on commercial jet biofuel.
by BNO News


KLM Flies First Passenger Flight Using Biofuel

KLM takes a big step in cleaning the planet and reducing the dependency on oil by operating Flight 1919, a Boeing 747-400, with a partial mixture of biokerosene. See the first photos of the aircraft and event!
by Phil Derner Jr.