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August 6th in Aviation History: B-29 Superfortress Drops Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima

The US drops first atomic bomb on Japan, Ted Williams returns to the Red Sox from Korea, Braniff Flight 250 crashes in Nebraska, and more.
by NYCAviation Staff

The Australian Antarctic Division Airbus A319 (VH-VHD) on the ice near McMurdo Station, Antarctica. (Photo by Nisha Harris/Australian Antarctic Division)

Australian Airbus Flies to Antarctica on Rescue Mission

An Australian rescue plane took off from New Zealand on Wednesday evening to carry out a daring rescue mission in Antarctica.
by BNO News


Australian Government Seeks Harsher Punishments for Aviation-Related Crimes

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard's Government on Wednesday introduced legislation in Parliament to create tougher penalties for aviation-related crimes to enhance the safety aboard planes.
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Plane Crashes Into Ferris Wheel in Australia

A small plane crashed into a ferris wheel at a fair on the eastern coast of Australia on late Saturday morning, police said, miraculously causing no injuries.
by BNO News

Air Australia Airbus A320s like this one (VH-YQC) will no longer grace the runways at Brisbane, nor anywhere else.

Air Australia Grounds All Flights, Stranding Thousands of Passengers

Air Australia, a small airline serving eight destinations with four planes, on Friday entered voluntary receivership and halted all service.
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