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OPINION: Privatization Is Not The Answer For Our ATC System

Columnist Dave Williams takes a look at President Trump's proposal to privatize the nation's air traffic control system, and finds that there are more cons than there are pros.
by David J. Williams


OPINION: The Issues Behind Air Traffic Control Reform

Air Traffic Control privatization is being considered by Congress. Let's take a close look at the process, the prospects, and some of the top issues.
by Tom Rainey


Private Aircraft Becomes Unresponsive Over US, Crashes Near Jamaica

A private aircraft that departed Rochester, New York, intending to land in Naples, Florida, crashes off of the coast of Jamaica after becoming unresponsive to air traffic control.
by NYCAviation Staff



JFK Tower: Our Favorite ATC Audio Clips

The air traffic control radio waves can be hectic at times, and New York’s JFK Airport has more than its fair share of interesting ATC recordings. From tower controllers playing comedian, to foreign pilots not quite under...
by Jason Rabinowitz


Close Call For A Delta 747 and Shuttle America E170- What Really Happened?

Early Friday morning, news started to spread about that the FAA was investigating a “near miss” that occurred between between a Delta 747 and a Shuttle America Embraer E170 on June 13th. According to WABC in New Yor...
by Jason Rabinowitz