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The American/US Airways Merger: The View from 35,000 Feet

With the American Airlines/US Airways merger now finalized, two pilots - one from American and one from US Airways - shared their perspectives on the merger with NYCAviation.
by Ken McQuillan


American Airlines Unveils its New Airbus A321 Transcontinental

Big changes are happening at American Airlines. We go behind the scenes to preview its first Airbus A321 Transcontinental (A321T) scheduled to begin revenue service in January 2014.
by Douglas Wint and Mark Hsiung


EMERGING DETAILS: American’s Tim Ahern Talks About the New American Airlines

Fresh from this morning's close of the American Airlines / US Airways Merger, American Airlines Group's vice president of gateways and hub coordination, Tim Ahern, spoke with NYCAviation about the impact of the merger on both c...
by Mark Lawrence



BREAKING: American Airlines and US Airways Close Merger, Create Worlds Largest Airline

In Dallas early Monday morning, officials from AMR Corporation and US Airways formally finalized the merger of the two carriers, forming American Airlines Group, Inc. The merged carriers have, with the stroke of a pen, become t...
by Ken McQuillan

(NYCAviation file photo)

Judge Approves AMR Exit from Bankruptcy

In a New York City courtroom Wednesday morning, a Federal Bankruptcy judge cleared American Airlines parent AMR to emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The judge's actions cleared all remaining legal obstacles to the merger of US...
by NYCAviation Staff